Help installing the ring app

Hi.can anyone help please.My doorbell has the light spinning,connected to my phone.when this finished I get a message saying 'connect to ring network,.
On the following screen the ring network is there,along with my wi fi network,but I can’t see how I add my wi fi password to proceed.
Can anyone help

We’re here to help @SaintPete77! It sounds like you’ve installed the app, logged in, started a setup and reached the step for pairing the Ring app with your Video Doorbell’s setup access point. As you stated the LED is spinning, your device is properly in setup mode, which is a great start.

If you have reached the first connection step in setup, where you visit your wifi settings in your mobile device, this is where you will want to choose the “Ring setup” access point available in your wifi list.

If you are reaching the last connection step where it specifies connecting to your home wifi network, this should allow you to enter your password after selecting your wifi name. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi.thanks for your reply.
Its sorted now thanks,I have a samsung phone and it was due to an app I had called 'smart switch".uninstalled this app and my ring doorbell works fine now.

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