Have to reset doorbell once a month and chime buzzes

Ever since I bought this house from Lennar, two years ago, with the Ring video doorbell, I’ve had to reset the doorbell by removing the faceplater and holding down the button, at least once a month.

It goes into a state where the lights go out and it doesn’t ring. When it does this, there is also a buzzing in the wall where the chime is. If I remove the faceplate and reset it, the buzzing stops, the light comes on, and the chime works again when someone rings the bell.

The phone app says it is receiving 3879 mv. Is that the correct voltage? Any other ideas? It is really getting tiresome.

Hi @Fleshbits. I don’t know what model Doorbell you have, but I can give some general advice. We recommend that you use a doorbell transformer that has a voltage rating of 16 VAC, 30 VA. Also, be sure that your chime kit is compatible with Ring. Lastly, you’ll want to verify the Device Settings in the Ring app. Under General Settings, you should have the appropriate Chime Kit selected.

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