Has the Floodlight Cam been modified / updated so that it can now be "CEILING MOUNTED" ?

Previously the Floodlight Cam could only be mounted vertically on a wall.

Now, the specs for the Floodlight Cam state:

Floodlight Fixture
Integrated and Adjustable Floodlight. Floodlight Camera can be mounted on a Wall or Ceiling.

What was changed in the design to allow it to be mounted on a ceiling?

I would like to know this as well. I bought one for mouting on the soffet by my garage to replace the existing legacy spotlight.

Hi, don’t know if there has been any change but you have always been able to mount them on the ceiling (they are just not recommended by Ring to be mounted horizontally possibly due to weather proofing). Google it and you will see plenty of images that show you how you will need to position the lights and camera up soffets etc.

Yes, you have always been able to mount them on the ceiling.

But, in that position, you canNOT properly adjust the angle of the camera/motion detector!

Some have modified the Floodlight Cam to be able to better adjust the angle of the camera/ motion detector - but:

That still does not allow the adjustment to be the most desirable angle.

That voids the Ring Warranty.

My Question was whether “Ring” now has a Floodlight Cam that truly can be mounted to the Ceiling withOUT the limitations I noted above.

I have my own post about this issue. One agent told me they had indeed changed the fitting, while all others said no. I purchased the floodlight cam and found the instructions did not show any detail about ceiling mount. A few more phone calls and a few more chats, along with my post here in the community, I gave up and returned it.

It is beyond me why Ring has not made a simple modification to this mount after the large number of people wanting it.

Can you please provide a link here to your own separate post?

Correction: Not my post but one I participated in. Note very last message from Ring that was opposite from what they said originally. a) No you can’t mount it on a ceiling. (b) Well you can, but we don’t recommend it. LOL Confusion abounds. As I said previously, I just returned it. Not worth the hassle. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, Ring will give its customers what they want and need with the Floodlight Cam mounting.