Hardwiring not working

hi, I installed the Ring doorbell 2nd generation, today. I have hard wired it to existing doorbell wires. I have seen that if this is working as it should, then the ring around the actual place you press on the doorbell, should be lit in white. Mine is not. When I go into the app on my phone it says it is operated by battery. I will look again tomorrow in case one of the wires on the terminals has come loose, as it was hard to get it on there, but is there any other reason, anyone can think of?

Hi there, @ffiscool. Obtaining a charge from hardwiring is best accomplished through proper power and optimizing battery usage. An 8v to 24v AC power supply and standard gauge wiring should certainly provide sufficient power. Checking connections is always a great step. The next best step will be to ensure your battery use is optimal for ensuring the charge applied by wiring is effective. Check out our Community post about common battery draining variables that you can improve to ensure a charge is received. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delay, I sorted it, it’s now fully charging. One of the wires had come off