Hardwired spotlight cam will not reconnect to WiFi

After a power flicker, not even long enough to reset our digital clocks, my Ring Spotlight cam will not reconnect to our WiFi. I have tried the recommend steps I read here in the forum, unpower for 5+ minutes, then holding the setup button for 20 second. I brought it back into the house, right next to the router. But it will not connect. Is there a factory reset on it?

Does that work for the WIRED SPOTLIGHT CAMERA? I don’t have the doorbell.

Is there another source, that link take me to a page that says:

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I have search through the forums, no one talks about resetting the cameras, I tried the chat and it keeps taking me to App problems or doorbell resetting, just getting frustrated.

Hi @user20374. The page that SolarEclipse shared is the correct link. To reset your Spotlight Cam, you press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. You should hear the cam begin to speak (Example-“Hello, Welcome to Ring”). How is the bubble on the bottom of the cam lighting up when you are trying to connect? Is there a specific error you are getting when attempting to connect? Thanks, neighbor.