Hardwired keypad option (better yet hardwire option for all products)

My keypad has a very spotty connection to the base station even though I have a range extender. This unfortunate because I have a wire that goes right to where your keypad is mounted. Too bad I can’t use it.

Can you please add hardwiring as an option to your keypads in the next keypad release. Better yet, how about the option of either wired directly to the base station or using wireless. Wireless is very convenient, but if you have wires installed it sure would be nice to be able to use them.

Why wouldn’t you offer the ability to have both options on all of your products? Direct wiring is also faster and more reliable. Who wants to be bothered with replacing/charging batteries and spotty connectivity to the base station, or having to buy range extenders? Not me. Let’s get wired. Thanks