Hardwired Doorbell Broken

Warning, probably too late for most of you but they don’t last. At least that was my experience.

Bought a Ring Doorbell Pro a little more than two years ago and it worked great up until a week ago. I noticed it was disconnected from the network so I went to check it out and it was completely dead. No power, no lights. I took it off, checked the power, checked the chime, all seemed good. Called support and went through some resets, got it show some lights but wouldn’t boot properly. Support said it is out of warranty and best they can do is a 35% off coupon on a new purchase. I spent $250 on a doorbell that lasted 2 years. Why would I ever buy another ring product. They don’t even stand by it.

My hardwired 1st gen doorbell last worked in late June. Says it is offline but cannot get to a screen in the troubleshooting guide that allows me to Reconnect to WiFi or Change WiFi network. Additionally, even after attempting to re-set, I get no lights or activity pressing any buttons. Think it just died

I am totally upset about my doorbell. It lasted 1 year and 5 months today. After 1 hour in the phone with a rep she at last said it was broken. She offered me a 35% discount on a new one. WOW THANKS!! BUT NO THANKS!! Nice customer service, any one else would had sent me a replacement, refurbished. I don’t care, not discount. I spent $230 on this one and the only way I will use a ring product ever gain is if they send me a replacement.