Hardwire option for Ring Doorview cam

Hi everyone…
I have had a Ring doorview cam for a few years now and have often wondered if it can be hardwired. I have trawled the internet many times but never found an answer specific to my Ring equipment.

Is it possible to hardwire? And if so can someone point me in the right direction as to what transformer to buy and any relevant wiring instructions.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @broomgrove. The Ring Doorview Cam is designed to be used as a battery operated device only. Since this Doorbell is mounted to your door and moves when the door swings open, no wires can be safely attached to it.

Where did it say in “broomgrove’s” post that it was fitted to a door? Powering a Ring 2 from a wired source should be straight forwrad - I have done this many times on battery powered devices. Ok so it may invalidate the warranty - but there is no reason why it should not be possible.

It’s a doorview cam, so it replaces the spyhole in the door. But if you can give me any info on how to make this mains powered I would appreciate it. I agree the wire is not ideal on the door as it would flex when it opens and closes, but it’s a small amount of movement. Surely it wiyld be ok.