Guest codes need major improvement

In my opinion, the way Ring has implemented the guest codes presents security & safety concerns.

Ring states: "At this time, Guest User schedules only apply to the Alarm Keypad. They do not apply to smart locks. If your Guest User has an access code which works in your smart lock and uses the code in the lock outside of the scheduled hours, they will be able to get inside your home and set off your Ring Alarm - without being able to disarm. You may be assessed a false alarm fee if this is not a real alarm. "


How long has Ring had that message posted? Why has nothing been done to improve the product?

  1. Guest codes should not work on locks outside of the schedule.
  2. Guest codes should be able to have a start date and end date the code is valid not just day and time.

This is basic stuff Ring. Please put a little more effort into your products. It would be much appreciated.

If someone has a day worker that has a guest code they can just enter the person’s house in the middle of the night (or someone that ends up with their code can) - that is downright scary!