Got doorbell notification but no video

I got a notification that some one was at my door (they rang my Ring Doorbell). However, no video ever appeared. I had to exit Devices and go into History to pull up the video.

I have a simlar problem, but no on screen notification on my Samsung 10+, just the ring tone.

Customer service not helpful, blame in on the phone, ofcourse. I will call Ring back and try a different tech.

I have a galaxy s10. Everytime I get a notification and click on it I get taken to the app but it doesnt load or takes too long. I figured it had to be a problem with the galaxy s10 phones since I didnt have an issue with my so.

Similar to mine problem. However, when I first got the Ring doorbell it worked (ie put the camera and sound on the Samsung S10+ screen) a few times, then stopped. Then when I changed ISPs it worked for the technician, after he left, it stopped again. Thus I think it is not the phone. However there may have been an Android OS update in there somewhere. I don’t know how to tell. So perhaps it is the Android software?