Google home integration - yup ANOTHER request

This is incredible… there are support tickets and requests raised since 2019 about this topic and nothing yet. Three years later, and nothing… clearly you just don’t care.

Anyway, another request you will throw to the trash for sure:

+just integrate the alarm system into Google home. I want to arm/disarm my security system from Google home where I have already setup all other smart devices (thermostat, cameras, lights). That’s it. I won’t switch everything to Alexa.
+you might not want to add a key pad thinking people will end buying one, but no - just add a digital keypad. No more ring purchases until this basic feature is available

Some extra features that will be great to have:

+I don’t have a ring doorbell. And after the alarm disappointment, I won’t get one. But yeah, adding chimes is a basic feature as well.
+turning on/off the sensor lights is basic feature expected too
+getting sensor notifications - not just turning lights on/off will be better so we can setup alarms by rooms (like basement)
+checking devices status might be too fancy for you to add? That will be great customer experience
+the neighbors feature is a meh in the the ring system… I never check it on my phone. I will probably review it more frequently in the Google Home Screen

LOL. Amazon and Google are competitors in the home automation space. It is very unlikely they are going to go out of there way because a couple people want them to work together.

But hey, if your suggestion gets enough votes Ring might consider it for a brief moment.

How much more would you be willing to spend for a digital keypad? They aren’t free or inexpensive like the current keypad? I agree it should be an option, but never total replace the old style for those that don’t want the extra expense.
Doorbells already have chime sounds.
Some sensor lights can be turned on/off. Just not all.
Alarm notifications already go out for the individual sensor. True they don’t support rooms but you can easily take care of that by adding the room name to the sensor name, like Living Room Door, Living Room Window East, etc.
You can already check device status in the app.
Neighbors features should be removed in my opinion.

Good luck!