Google Assistant or Google Home Integration

Is there anything in the pipeline?

It is terrible to force your customers to use alexa!

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Would love to hear Ring motion detection and rings on my google homes. Arlo and others can do this. Ring can use action.devices.traits.ObjectDetection? Or hopefully with Matter, it just works.

Please add support for this. I just want the basics that when someone presses my doorbell I can hear a chime on my Google home speakers dotted around the house.

It would be great if video popped up on my Google hub as well. And ideally if the device appeared in the Google home app on my android phone. But the chime is a bare minimum!

Hopefully with the Matter alliance you will now make this happen

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I want the same level of integration with Ring Security that I had with ADT. Google could recognize all my sensors and mark their location in the house, and I could arm my system with routines and oral cues to my Google home. Expect a higher end product to be much more on par, and am sorely disappointed.

I used to be able to use a smartthings workaround… They changed that this summer. I’m working on a fully automated/smart home setup and I will NEVER buy another Ring product. I don’t like the Alexa universe and I’m not going to keep an amazon device JUST to turn on ring smart lights or a doorbell. I’ll pay more for a different device if I have to.

Again, suggesting something that should of been intergrated from the start.

Many of us are Google Home users and the poor intergration there is with Google Home at the moment, is NOT good enough - especialy when the products are ‘home security’ based. And therfore, taloring your products intergration to one smart ecosystem (ie Amazons Alexa) isnt benificial for your customers personal home security, especialy when we pay a subscription, if we cant utilise it within our own personal smart home ecosystem such as Google Home for example.

Many features such as being able to see someone at your door on a Google Nest Hub or getting a alert from the Google Nest Mini about a doorbell press are just some of the basic features that should of been intergrated into these ring products.

Shouldnt matter if Google is a competator within this market, and by limmiting (proper) support to just Alexa devices, isnt helping many of the customers who have Google devices. We chose Ring becouse it was either a cheaper/‘better’ solution than Nest’s offerings and therfore shouldnt still be limited by what assistant we chose to run our home on. A great example is Phillips with their balanced approach to support with the bulbs they do, no lack of basic support for either assistant, making it fair and brilliant for customers, nomatter what assistant they have.

We shouldnt have to keep on banging on/suggesting this but, Google support/intergration needs a major improvement. And no, its not Google limiting the intergration (as they’ve told me), its Ring not implementing the features.

Hopefully we see better support soon.

As my Ring equipment eventually breaks down, I will slowly replace them with Google Nest. Alexa is not a compelling service so I would rather buy new hardware than switch to the Alexa ecosystem.

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Well said Ben, Ring are only hurting their brand by not making their product available for use with other competitors just like your Phillips example. I too have been researching other cam systems & like PPG said, will replace my Ring devices as batteries are in need of replacement .


I just purchased a Ring Door bell from Amazon because they stated it worked with Google Home on their Web site. Now I find out it doesn’t! What’s the deal?

Hopefully I get a decent reply,

Ring alarms are only compatible with Alexa devices. Please add support for Google Home so we can arm and disarm the Ring alarm via Google assistant. Being able t ok view cameras and get alerts for ring doorbell would also be a plus.

Pretty sad to see that I’m unable to integrate my Google Mini devices as chimes.

I’ve got a mix of Google Mini and Alexa devices. Alexa is all good, which isn’t a surprise given that Ring is owned by Amazon. Would be great to see integration with the Google Mini devices so that I could get better coverage of notifications.

This is incredible… there are support tickets and requests raised since 2019 about this topic and nothing yet. Three years later, and nothing… clearly you just don’t care.

Anyway, another request you will throw to the trash for sure:

+just integrate the alarm system into Google home. I want to arm/disarm my security system from Google home where I have already setup all other smart devices (thermostat, cameras, lights). That’s it. I won’t switch everything to Alexa.
+you might not want to add a key pad thinking people will end buying one, but no - just add a digital keypad. No more ring purchases until this basic feature is available

Some extra features that will be great to have:

+I don’t have a ring doorbell. And after the alarm disappointment, I won’t get one. But yeah, adding chimes is a basic feature as well.
+turning on/off the sensor lights is basic feature expected too
+getting sensor notifications - not just turning lights on/off will be better so we can setup alarms by rooms (like basement)
+checking devices status might be too fancy for you to add? That will be great customer experience
+the neighbors feature is a meh in the the ring system… I never check it on my phone. I will probably review it more frequently in the Google Home Screen

Honey, so me being new as a @Ring customer I really think it sucks that I can’t connect my damn Ring account services with the freaking @Google because they are linked with Amazon Alexa though- and mane I seriously feels like they should really gives other ppls more options too uses either one of “Alexa or Google” for our voice commands because everybody literally does not likes or uses Alexa for everything though… #PleaseFixesThisSituation! :unamused::unamused::woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5:

I agree :+1::100: percent set differences aside and unite

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Hopefully one day- though honey… :woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5:

I switched away from alexa ecosystem to google long ago but then Amazon bought ring and screwed it up. I know i’ll be replacing these cameras with something else that works with google when they start failing.