Glitchy Video Feeds

Very frustrated & disappointed with the glitchy video feeds from my Spotlight Battery Cams. Had an incident with criminal trespassing and wanted to use my Ring cameras (have 5 setup across my entire home on an Eero Pro network and 1GB WiFi). Trying to pull up footage and after a few seconds, it studders and then pauses. You get security cameras for times like these and it failed to deliver when I needed them the most. And since customer support is unavailable, I don’t know who else to turn to for help. Any suggestions?

Hey @hawaiiring96744. Could you give us the run down of what devices you have, what RSSI each device has, and what your overall speed test is for your home? You can run the speed test by going to, and feel free to attach a screenshot of this! Knowing these bits of information can help us isolate why your videos seem to be having a lag. As well, please feel free to attach an example video of this glitchy-like video. You can share a URL share link from texting or emailing the video with sharing it, or download the video and compress it into a ZIP file to attach in your reply here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I have provided the info you requested below and attached a screenshot of my Speed Test and RSSI on each device

Speed Test:

  • Download: 296MBPS
  • Upload: 36.7MBPS

Backyard: 46

Side: 57

Front: 69

Using (3) Eero Pro (2nd Generation) . Links to the glitchy videos below. Seems odd that I have to post these on a public forum, but I do want answers. Thank you.




@hawaiiring96744 Thank you so much for this detailed post with the zip file of screenshots and the video links! I am going to be in touch with one of my advanced support team members here to take a look at this with me, and I will be back to you shortly. :slight_smile:

@hawaiiring96744 After taking a look over the videos you have provided and other information, it seems you may be having a network concern above all. While the videos do stutter or become pixelated, this could be from the devices not getting a stable enough connection, which would explain the RSSI values being a bit in the higher range as well. You can learn more about RSSI and what the values mean here in our Community post.

I know you mentioned that you are using an Eero system, which is a great addition to help out in this situation! Please check out our Help Center Article here, as it pinpoints other reasons your RSSI may be poor, such as any physical obstructions, competing electronics or other devices in the home using up the connection you have at that time too. In addition, I recommend moving around the Eero pods that you have in your home to see if moving these around helps improve the RSSI values for these devices. It will feel like a little bit of trial and error but will be great when you can find that sweet spot!