Glitchy video and poor audio on new floodlight plus cam

Just got my floodlight plus today and installed it. I tested out the audio recording by going outside while my wife spoke to me. Audio had alot of static, and I could barely hear myself a few feet away.

Not only that, when I reviewed the footage, the video of me walking around was choppy. I was cutting out from one spot to another. I even downloaded the video thinking there was lag in the app, but it’s still choppy after playing the downloaded file. What gives and how is that going to be reliable if it was recording a break-in?

My RSSI is -42, and my velope wifi module is right inside, so the wifi signal shouldn’t be the problem.

Also, when viewing live mode, I don’t hear any audio of the outside environment. Is there a setting that enables that?

Any feedback is welcome while I give this thing a few more days of testing before deciding whether to return it or not. Thank you.

On live view there is a speaker and microphone that has a slash through it. You select the microphone icon and then you can speak to the outside. Select the speaker icon and you can hear audio from outside. Select both again to mute.

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Have you tried it again? Sometimes I find RSSI level can fluctuate depending on a temporary obstruction in the room (moving things around). How fast motion is triggered and performance greatly depends on RSSI. Is your internet speed good as well? Remember RSSI is signal strength, but speed needs to be good too. There are lots of phone apps that will measure both.