Glass Break Sensors

Also really need glass break sensors, have a lot of areas where Alexa won’t be able to listen for the sound of a glass breaking. I think this is very important feature. Hope ring will come up with solution soon

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I own both the full-size “Alexa” and the small one, whatever they call it. Once I read the report of how Amazon’s techy nerds were getting their jollies monitoring peoples’ “Alexas”, that was all I needed to realize that any devices that “listen” to what’s going on in my house and report it to some “cloud” somewhere don’t have any place in our home. Both devices were promptly and permanently disconnected, and will never report to their “cloud” again.

Absolutely; we need a glass break sensor. The Alexa work around is ridiculously bad. You have to manually send it after it sends you a notification??? What if I’m nowhere near my phone? What if I’m swimming? What if I’m not in a cell coverage area? This isn’t new technology, and it would be another revenue stream for Ring. I’m guessing ring wouldn’t even be able to keep them in stock as fast as they’d sell.

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+1 for glass break sensor!

I have had Ring Alarm since it came out and my only complaint is the lack of glass break sensors. I know my Alexa can listen for glass breaking when in Away mode, but what if the glass gets broken when I am home but unable to respond? I want the alarm to go off automatically and authorities informed even if I’m not near my phone!

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THINKING OF RETURNING AND GOING WITH ADT LITERALLY TODAY IF THEY DON’T GIVE ME A TRUE ANSWER OF WHEN GLASS SENSORS ARE COMING IF THEY EVEN ARE. (2 ring reps separate times told me they are, 1 rep said no they aren’t and he neve heard of it etc. but he was new and didn’t even know how to do a correct return/RMA/Shipping label)

Stay or go with ADT so I know I’m 100% fort knox bc IDK if I can depend on Alexa Echo Speakers.
Does she even detect ALL glass breaks, HOW FAR AWAY can she detect?
ADT sensors are so sensitive and go so far that they’ll go off if a dog howls (you adjust the frequency/sensitivity obvy).

I DON’T see Alexa Echo GUARD system alerting me of sounds when dog barks or i cough or foot steps (it’s supposed to detect all of those + Smoke, and then alert u, turn on lights, sound a siren, bark like dogs, etc).

Putting sensors on glass, how do you get them to recognize when they are separated and thus trigger alarm? You put one sensor right next to it and then when glass breaks the sensors will realize they’re not right next to each other anymore. AM I RIGHT? IS THIS WHAT YOU MEANT OR DID? PLEASE REPLY!!! THX!!

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So we need an Alexa is everyone of the the house?

Not feasible!

Previous house the glass-break prevented 2 break ins!

I’ve been waiting on a glass breaking sensor for a while and I’m thinking of switching to another alarm system because you guys clearly will never release one. Which is very sad that you have ignored your paying customers for years

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Still hoping for a glass breaker?