Getting "Internet unavailable" error on iPad

I’m trying to help my dad with his Ring App on a "new? iPad. It’s a WiFi only version that they got several years ago but have never used. We set up his WiFi and downloaded the Ring app.

We don’t have any problems on my iPad or my mothers when logging into this account.

When he starts up the Ring app and tries to log in, he gets an “Internet unavailable” error message. This is despite the fact that he clearly has a very good Wifi singal as we just downloaded the app. We deleted the Ring app & re-installed. We also rebooted the router & modem. Despite all of this, we keep getting the same “Internet unavailable” message.

Has anyone experienced this problem?

Upon further research, I found out that my dad’s iPad is a 3rd generation and can’t go above iOS 9.3.5. Will that limit him from using the Ring App on that iPad?

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Hey @boilerx96. You are indeed correct on this! Since the iOS for most devices is at 13.5, it seems like your dad is too far behind and outdated at this point to work properly with the Ring app. After checking with my teams, it looks like devices for iOS specifically need to be running iOS 10.0 or later.

thanks for the prompt follow-up and confirmation!

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