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Ok, after an afternoon spent in utter frustration trying to set up a camera using a POE wired connection - which failed because I have no cell signal here and to set up a wired camera the app (apparently) MUST connect to the device with the phone’s wireless. Which means it can’t connect to the internet. Which means setup fails, every time. So, now I have POE camera connected to my infrastructure via WiFi. Dumb. Inexcusable. Connecting the thing via WiFi is a breeze, since it connects to the app to setup. My WiFi infrastructure is on the same subnet as the port for the camera wire. I don’t see why phone <> device MUST be via wireless when it’s got a perfectly valid network connection ON THE WIRE.

And, just to add insult to injury, I discovered today that I simply cannot access Live view on my computer. Clicking the thumbnails (which work) gives me a pop-up window that essentially just sits and spins. I’ve tried IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox. I read (on Reddit I think) that you have to give the browser page permission to use the microphone. That’s nice, except I don’t HAVE a microphone. (and just to save the snarky sunshine & rainbows Ring dude some time, yes the dratted thing works on my phone)

Who is designing this stuff? Are they really trying to chase customers away? I was happy, have a Gen2 doorbell, the alarm system, an indoor stickup and now the outdoor one. Today has prompted me to look at alternatives - preferably by a company that isn’t trying to go out of business.

We are just fellow users here, so it is unlikely Ring devs are going to see your post.
Feel free to post your suggestions for improvements in the Features Request Board so folks can vote on them, and Ring just might make improvements in the future.
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Rwarren873 -

Thanks for taking the time to post your observations.

If Ring requires a cellular connection to set up their POE products… it should be listed as a PREREQUISITE. (I doubt potential purchasers would want to discover that limitation through “trial and error” AFTER installing the hardware and cabling.)

I would strongly object if I was required to grant microphone permission in order to use Ring’s Live View feature.