Geofencing and Arm/Disarm Reminders

Whilst it’s great that Geofencing has finally come to the Ring app, it was disappointing to see it wasn’t utilised to automatically switch modes, say from Home to Away when leaving the Geofence. Even more frustratingly, it seems to class Home mode as armed, so when leaving the defined area, you don’t get a reminder to set it to Away mode. Then, when you arrive home with it set to Home mode still, it reminds you to disarm which doesn’t make sense.

I appreciate everyones setup is different, but I’d have thought it’s quite common for a lot of people to utilise the Home mode to have cameras inside the house disarmed when you’re home, and things like the doorbell and certain other cameras armed outside the house, as opposed to having everything disarmed for the entire duration when someone’s at home.

Are there any plans to enable reminders when leaving the property when your system is set to Home mode, not just Disarmed mode? A simple way would be to class both Disarmed And Home modes as one Disarmed state, that way when leaving you’d receive a reminder to set it to Away mode, then when returning you’d receive a Disarm reminder, that way leaving you to decide to set it to Home or Disarmed mode.

Secondly, any plans to implement the above automatically, then the app can simply send you a Notification to let you know the mode has been changed, rather than having to do it manually yourself? That would also be a bonus because if I leave my house in my car, my phone connects to CarPlay which suppresses notifications, so in the case of Arm/Disarm reminders, I won’t receive any reminder until I get to my destination and look at my phone!