GeoFence - Turn off notifications while home

I see you can snooze notifications for 3 hours while in the geofence, is there not an option to turn them off while in the geofence instead of ‘being away’. I’m at home and getting notification that’s there is movement in my kitchen, which I am well aware of as it is me! I also have cats, so I get them through the night too.

Would also like to see the same feature. Geofence is not really effective if you can only snooze for 3 hours. In addition if you don’t leave the geofence turns off the notices for 3 hours but after that, you have to leave to re-snooze the cameras or snooze them individually. Why can’t we have the selected cameras off for an indefinite amount of time. If I’m home for 3 days I shouldn’t have to keep snoozing cameras individually every 4 hours. And I know I can turn off the notifications but that’s crazy to do on multiple cameras and them have to turn them back on? The Geofence feature is useless for the camera’s, who comes home but only stays there for 3 hours?