Geofence to Arm/Disarm Ring alarm?


I’m looking for a way to arm/disarm ring alarm when i leave or come back home.
The Ring application can’t do this alone. :frowning:

I’ve seem there is a way to arm/disarm Ring Alarm by geofencing :
Simplecommands but it is no longer available…
HomeBridge but it doesn’t really work (can’t subscribe)…

Do you know any other way or application to do this ?

Hi @DavDavDav. We do have a Geofence feature in your Ring app. This can be found under the Settings menu. If you’ve already activated this feature, try toggling it off for a minute, then toggling it back on. If you’d like more information about the Geofence feature, this Community post here has some great information. Let me know if this helps!

ok but you only can only delay the notifications, you can’t arm/disarm the system …