Gen2 Alarm Range Extenders

Advise please : Is there a battery in the range extender ? If someone cut my power , then the battery in all devices holds them up, but what about the range extender ? If that is down then any sensor using it and tripped cannot communicate. Please advise if i am wrong. Bad design ?

I have 3 ring cams and use MESH wifi and they struggle even when 15ft away from nearest point. I have tested my wifi strength , which is great (like 200m away) but it seems all ring cams are not good with wifi. Is the alarm the same ?

Glad you asked, @sapbloke! You will be happy to hear that the Alarm Range Extender does indeed feature a battery backup.

Check out our help center article to see all the Range Extender features, and tips for use. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Great. Thanks for reply