Gen 2 Motion Sensor - Battery Life and can I use Rechargeable batteries


I have 8 new Gen 2 motion sensors and need to know what is the average battery life of the two AA batteries?

Also, I like to use Eneloop rechargable batteries, can the Ring Motion Sensors use these or any rechargable batteries?

Thank You

Hi @Brumey. The battery life on your Motion Detector will vary based on the amount of usage your Motion Detector sees. Cold temperatures also will affect battery life. With those 2 things in mind, you will probably get around 1-2 years of battery life with average use. If battery life is a concern, you can absolutely use rechargeable batteries. They’re a smart investment! :smiley:

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These Ring doorbell camera are useless if you live in Canada. We get winter and it’s cold so the battery doesn’t last very long. I would never buy again.