Gen 2 Keypad Mode Lighting

Please include an option to keep the armed mode lights on at all times for the Gen 2 keypad. We are new to the ring security system, and with our previous alarm company’s keypad, I was able to glance at the bedroom keypad while in bed and have the assurance that whoever went to bed last armed the system. Can’t do that now. Sad.

Agree! This is a necessary feature!

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Why would Ring remove this critical feature???
Please put it back!


Please prioritize this request! We just switched to Ring and I really miss the light we had on our old security system. My son gets home late and I could always wake up and tell if he was home or not by the light as he would arm the system when he got home. It’s so reassuring to see that light.


I agree, the ability to quickly see across the room at a glance, the status of the alarm, is an important security feature. Even if this can only be enabled when the keypad is wired, that’s still an improvement. I plan to have mine wired, but even if I were wireless, I would be willing to recharge it more often, if that meant I would gain a persistent status light.


I came here to post this same request. I just purchased the Ring this past weekend and have noticed this feature being absent. This needs to work while on battery power. I do not have a plug nearby, so that option is not relevant.

OTHERWISE, I’m researching a safe way to use the prior alarm wiring to power this keypad (which will give the feature), and I would prefer to not do that for safety reasons.

I can’t believe they took this feature away for 2nd gen keypad. Please add it back! Having the mode lights always on lets us know from a glance at a distance what mode I’m on at any given time, increases a sense of security and acts as a reminder not to open certain windows or doors (without having to go stand near the keypad each time to light it up.) Please FIX this!