GE In-Wall Switches as Linked Devices?

Can GE In-Wall switches be used as “Linked Devices” with the Ring Alarm Base Station? I’d like to install a couple of the switches to control my outside floodlights so I can turn on the flood lights when the alarm is tripped.

I understand the RIng Smart Lighting Floodlights would be able to be used this way but I’m asking specifically about the GE In-Wall switches listed as “Works with Ring” devices.

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Good question @HeyPops! At this time the linked devices feature in the app does not include WWR devices. This means the Alarm Base Station will allow your addition of the WWR switch for on/off functionality, but will not act a hub for non-WWR devices or routines.

Something we recommend trying, is to use your smart switch with Alexa routines itself, as it should be able to control your existing floodlight that way. The Alexa app is free to install, even if you do not have an Alexa device. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’ll have to install a switch to test it out but from what I’ve read in the community here, it appears to be not possible to have an Alexa routine execute when the Ring alarm is triggered (without the use of a third party app like Simple Commands which I would like to avoid given it requires credentials to my Ring account in order to work).