Garbage can was blocking the signal...

I noticed earlier today that the ring app was saying that the wifi connection with the doorbell was ‘poor’ (the message was orange). My setup may be a little unusual in that I have a primary router connected to the ISP and I have a secondary router which is acting as a redirector between the primary router and the doorbell.

Normally when everything is working as well as it can the RSSI reported by the app is -70. My routers are in an L shaped room with the legs of the L perhaps 30/35 ft in length. Earlier today I pulled the doorbell off the outside wall and charged it. The doorbell was sitting about equidistant betwen the two routers and the RSSI was -46 while it was charging. When the charging was complete I re-mounted the db on the outside wall. The app reported an RSSI of -83. I rebooted both routers. Turned off other devices in the house etc. No change to the RSSI.

I looked out the window in front of the secondary router and there was a garbage can sitting between the router and the doorbell. I went outside and moved the garbage can and now the app reports the RSSI as -70 and everything is ‘green’. Anyway - I’m sharing this for those of you who report things like - it has been working fine for months and then all of a sudden it is not working. Perhaps it is as simple as an object being in the way of the wifi signal.

It is a shame that this/my db installation is as fragile as it is that I have to be conscious as to where I place a garbage can.

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