Garage door

Should have a garage door sensor so you know if it’s been opened and you can go to sleep Knowing the garage door is safe . If it is unlocked atleast you will know if someone has opened the garage door


They should make it like FrontPoint Security’s sensor. It mounts to the middle of the door and can tell when the door is in the open position. This is not a difficult ask and should be a priority since most homes have a garage door.

There is a Garage door Tilt sensor now available … but I used the Door/Window Contact Sensor (using sheet metal screws on the interior side of the garage, I mounted the sensor high on the side frame, and mounted the magnet portion on the side of the door). It works like a champ.

Just as Boone mentioned I too use a regular contact sensor with a $2 dollar hinge so when the door opens the magnet swings out and is just as fast (Google it) that’s how I figured it out! The tilt sensor offered is a Centralite Tilt sensor and after reading MANY reviews this sensor tends to get “STUCK” in the open position and most people MOD them out and replace the internal sensor with a Mercury switch which is great and all but I don’t want to mess with all that! The hinge setup works great mounted with 3M tape on the inside of the door and mounted as high as possible so the hinge swings as quickly as possible when the door opens! Never had an issue yet! The 2dollar MOD is way less than a Mecury switch and the time to install it! You can screw it to the door if you wish but with the 3M tape I can alter it with no damage to the door itself…Wind and door movement does NOT trigger the sensor unless it’s opened and swings out when opened! Tested and verified! Take less than 3min to install! BONUS! A great hack to use the regular sensor…