Garage Door Opener - Moved from ADT

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the community and completed moving from ADT Pulse for the last 8 years to Ring Alarm.

Everything has gone great so far with the Alarm, Retrofit kit for contact sensors and Schlage Zwave lock all added.

The one gap seems to be support for garage door open/close for units like the Iris/Linear GD00Z-1. You can add the unit but the Ring app wants to send an On/Off command.

Any chance support is coming for these devices which a lot of us at ADT had or something that provides Zwave Garage door Open/Close capabilities + Tile Sensor capabilities?

Would definitely like to protect my garage and have easy access in/out with the model app.

Will likely just move this device to Samsung Smart things for the time being.




Does anyone actually reply to posts here?

It’s a member to member support forum mainly. Ring does answer some questions. They won’t be back until Monday. You can always call customer service.

Welcome, @SouthbayTechy! You’ll be happy to see we offer a Tilt Sensor in the Works With Ring section of our website. As for a garage door opener, there is always the option to attempt integration through Alexa enabled devices, or, as you stated, smartthings, but it is not on our Works With Ring compatibility list at this time.

We are always working to bring our neighbors new devices and features, and will certainly share this feedback with our teams! Feel free to make any additional feature requests in our Alarm Feature Request thread. :slight_smile: