Front door requires bypass if open

When I found this thread my heart dropped. I assumed I was just missing a setting or something, but to find out Ring does not have this basic feature after just installing a $800 system is just unbelievably frustrating.

Like other users, because the way Ring works is so mind bogglingly counter-ituitive, my family and other guests end up not setting the alarm. We’ve had alarm systems for our entire lives and EVERY system has worked the same way, you open the front door ready to go, tap in your code, leave, shut the door and after the exit delay all the sensors arm. Ring however bascially ‘silently fails’ in this situation, your average user who hasn’t read the entire manual (i.e. all the secondary users of the alarm) does not understand the ‘sensors require bypass’ means that THE ALARM WILL NOT BE SET. So they just tap in their code, hit arm, and leave the house, assuming the ‘bypass’ message to be a non-critical error. So $800 of alarm just sits there being totally useless and the house is unprotected.

Ring either need to add this feature or change the bypass message to very clearly state “Sensors require bypass. YOUR HOUSE WILL NOT BE PROTECTED IF YOU DON’T TAKE ACTION!!!”

I could not recommend Ring to anyone based on this. Such a shame.

I hate having to say this, but me too.

I’ve just installed my shiny new Gen 2 alarm and couldn’t believe that I had to bypass the front door if it was open. I tried pressing the cross instead of tick, but that just cancelled the setting of the alarm. Re entering after the front door bypass did not result in the entry delay being triggered.

Sorry @ring, but this is a big #fail.

ADT is set up the same way: If a protected door or window with a sensor is open, you will not be able to arm the system until the door or window is closed or the zone is bypassed. at: Understanding Door and Window Sensors

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve spent 15 minutes reading a thread from January 2020 to find still in July 2021 the most basic alarm feature isn’t available.

@Marley_Ring - can we have an explanation as to why this isn’t being acknowledged or addressed?

@Chelsea_Ring too

It has to be the easiest design feature to add into your app ever. Seriously - just installed the whole alarm system today to find I can’t have my door open to put my alarm on🤣 what on earth

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I have just bought and installed my Ring system. Not to be able to set the alarm and walk out of the door, and then the system arms itself is a disgrace. If I knew this before I certainly would not have wasted my money. I may opt for a full refund under distance selling regs. @Marley_Ring

You still bypassed the door, especially the garage door, so now your car, 4wheeler, boat and tools are gone.

So much users who are asking for this function (me too) just add it as an option!!! I would not believe this is some legal issue as your smoke listeners are in the EU (please give us an update about this).

All security systems have there flaws, but this has made it really easy for the one’s who would like to enter. Just don’t trip a motion sensor or contact sensor, and your good to go to empty the whole place!