Frequent factory reset required

I am sick and tired of having to factory reset my Ring Doorbell an no direct contact support from ring without making phonecalls or going through a computerized chat window that fails miserably…

The doorbell drops off the wifi extended and will not reconnect until a factory reset is done.

Very poor. Next stage if not resolved by Ring Support is the device goes in the bin, direct debit cancelled and a different manufacturer used Together with advising others not to use Ring !!!.

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Have you tried a WiFi Extender or Mesh system to improve your WiFi connection to your doorbell?

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It is already connected theough a wifi extender

I am having similar issues. Every time I take my doorbell off to be charged, I have to factory reset it before it will accept the charge.
Totally fed up with what should be a good product.
It’s not fit for purpose at the moment

But how close? My mesh system is within about 10 feet (signal through a window) and I’ve not had the issues you have.
Windows near yours? Brick work? Metal door? All sorts of building materials can inhibit the signals.

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Do you mean you charge the battery up and then re-insert it into your doorbell, and then you look at the app and it says it doesn’t have a charge? If that’s the case it can take a day before the app accurately reflects what the battery charge is.