Freezing on live view

I have 7 devices, pro 2 doorbell, 4x stick up cams (3 wired and 1 battery), floodlight cam wired pro and doorbell 2 (removable battery)

I am in the UK if that makes any difference.

The live view is freezing on them all after about 20-30 secs, then unfreezes and freezes again etc. when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular, I have tried 4 different devices all Apple and also tried with being connected to someone else’s wifi and it’s still the same, running ring app version 5.54.1 and iOS 16.1 on them all.

Tried on and logging into my account that way and live view works fine on every ring device, the videos that are captured are also fine with no freezing.

I’ve been on the phone to the neighbour solutions experts and we have all but eliminated the issue being my network with trying it on someone else’s and also trying mobile data, as it also works on this eliminates this as well
Anyone else suffering this

Hi @Benlfc. What is the RSSI for these devices? A low RSSI can cause an intermittent connection which results in occasional freezing. This information can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Also, try connecting one of your devices to a WiFi hotspot and then attempt Live View to see if you have the same issue.