Forum email


My email on this forum shows as a bunch of alpha-numeric digits ending in @no-email.invalid.

I have no clue why this is the case. How can I change it to my actual email so I can receive notifications?

Note: my actual email associated with my ring account works fine.

Hi @JCHH. This is done to your email for security purposes to protect your personal information. You can manage your notifications by clicking on your Profile Icon in the upper right corner and navigating to Preferences. From there, you can modify your Notifications. I hope this helps!

Hi @Tom_Ring

All my notifications are set correctly.

Notifications are simply not coming to my email at all on this forum. It’s very frustrating.

Are you sure that an email ending in @no-email.invalid is valid (seems invalid to me). It is possible to see which email is behind this one as I am guessing there isn’t one set up.

Hi @JCHH. In this case, I would also check junk and spam folders, as your inbox may be filtering the emails to one of those folders. Let me know if this works.

Nope, I’m not getting them as previously advised. I am quite IT literate.

Can we please DM as I am convinced there is a problem with my email on this forum and would like someone to check where my abcdefg@ @no-email.invalid email is going to (I am guessing nowhere as it has the words nowhere and invalid in the address).

Hey there @JCHH. Chelsea here, stepping in for Tom, to help clear up some confusion. Our apologies for not getting this right the first time, but I can confirm for you that at this time, we are unable to provide email notifications for our users in the Ring Community. This is why you are unable to change the email address and get these notifications, and why you see this @no-email.invalid on your profile. As we are a public neighbor to neighbor forum and not a direct line to support, this added layer of security of not having your personal email connected directly to your Ring Community account but instead having to log in with your Ring credentials, to then authorize and gain access, thus being logged in and in the Community. This is why you will see that when you log into the Community, it will be a similar flow as if you were logging in with the Ring app of, using your same email address and password.

In the previous platform that we used to run the Ring Community, we did have it set up with neighbor’s email addresses so that they could get email notifications, but we are unable to have that set up like this at this time with the new and current platform we are on. Thank you for your input though, as we always want to strive towards the best experience for our neighbors in the Ring Community, so I will note this for the future and see if there are ways that we can improve the notification system for the future, including the option of email notifications.