Force Firmware to Update on Ring Video Doorbell Pro

I am having the same issue. I did an online chat with Ring support. They remotely rebooted the device and that did not fix it. They suggested reinstalling the app. Nothing. They said that I have the latest firmware version and it shouldn’t be a problem. I told them that I was concerned that it wouldn’t recognize a future update and they said it would be okay. It shows the same thing with the Windows 10 app. I have two Spotlight Cams and they both report “up to date”. Not impressed.

If Ring would spend the same effort they spend on “making excuses” on actually solving problems, we would definitely have fewer of those problems.


I / We definitely need to have a way to determine (at a glance) whether or not the Firmware is OR is not up to date.

What Firmware Version did you have that Ring said WAS up to date?



**THANKS ** - That is the version I also have.

Hello. I just read this message thread after having the same problem with the same device showing the same version of firmware. Since your last post, were you ever able to get the doorbell to show Up to Date or does it still show version 1.16.00263? I wonder if that is still the latest version and how we’ll know if there is an updated firmware version since our doorbells aren’t showing Up to Date. Thanks.

Mine now shows the version. Let’s hope it is the latest.

Thanks. Is that version 1.16.00263?


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Thank you again. Just wanted to ensure it was the latest as I read there is a security issue with these doorbells if the firmware wasn’t updated.

I had the same problem. I did an online chat with Ring and they forced a reset and now my firmware says Up to Date. The current version is now 2.1.00044

All of mine now say “up To Date” - So, I guess I am OK

Learn more about your device’s Firmware, here. Please be patient if your device state’s a number - it will update automatically :slight_smile:

Hi, how long does it take to get the new firmware? I’m still at 1.16.00263.

I have motion detections and live views every day, when check, the date of the healthcheck changes but the firmware version doesnt nor is the doorbell in update mode.

I’m not sure how long it took to update. I was checking it frequently for about 2 weeks and then stopped checking. I checked again a few weeks later and it finally showed “up to date”.

They simply will not and will never admit they have a design problem. They are well trained to blame it on your equipment. Ring customer service reminds me of the old Bell Telephone service . Unscrew the mouth piece, blow into it, bang the hand piece on a table, hold it in the air and dance in a circle. Ok sir, does it work now? At least after makig you dance like an indian (american indian) they would allow you to trade it for a new one free.

Since yesterday it changed to version ‘up to date’. Luckily I didnt have to dance in circles :slight_smile:

I have 2 Video Pro Doorbells at the same home.

1 was showing Up to Date until yesterday but is now showing version 2.1.01005

My other one which I am having issues with the Snapshot Capture Function is still showing 1.16.00272

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I am now showing 2.1.01005.

Same here. My Doorbell Pro was ‘Up to Date’ until 2 days ago, and has shown 2.1.01005 ever since then. Same with my wired Stickup Cam, sitting on 2.1.01005. Both cameras have had multiple motion events and live views, but have not yet auto-updated. First noticed both cameras no longer showed “Up to Date” on evening of 12-10, so it could have been longer… that’s just when I noticed.