Follow-up to Inconvient Wifi Change Process

This is a follow-up to:

which had no solution.

The issue is that whenever we need to change the wifi for a camera, we have to manually press the reset button. I just got off of the phone with customer support and they informed me that that shouldn’t be the case. We should be able to reset the cam from our phone as long as we are near it.

Did anyone figure out a workaround or has any support on this?

Hi there, @Mikazuki! When a Ring device is already successfully setup in your Ring app, making changes to this connection can be done via the “change network” option. When viewing your Ring device in the Ring app, tap on it’s Device Health tile. There you will see an option to “Change Network”. Once you choose to change the network, the Ring app will ask you to be near your Camera and have your wifi information ready.

In many cases, the Camera should enter setup mode automatically, indicated by the steps that will appear in the Ring app. Once the light is flashing, you will be able to complete the next steps consisting of joining the “Ring setup network” and then connecting to the new wifi network. While this can help avoid a button push on the Camera, you should still be nearby in order to complete the secure connection steps. If your Camera did not automatically enter setup mode, the button would then need to be pressed.

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I have a similar problem, changing the network form WiFi to Ethernet - this does not work.