Floppy spotlight cam

I’ve installed a couple of spotlight cams with no issues. But there is a tiny screw not used, where should this go? I’m wondering if this relates to the cams being floppy despite being tightened to the max on the mount.

Hi @Lisa3! Often times our devices will comes with extra or additional hardware to accommodate different mounting scenarios. To ensure this is not belonging to the Spotlight Cam installation, please check that 4 screws are used to mount the base to the wall. Check out also, our help center article for steps on installing the Camera, including video.

If you have a Spotlight Cam wired, the wired clips use small screws to secure to the wall. As you mentioned your Spotlight Camera is not as firm in it’s angle as you’d like, please ensure the pivot and collar piece are tightened, as well as check that area of the Camera for any missing screws. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: