Floodlights only turn on when up close.

I just installed the Spotlight, in testing the lights only turn on when up close to the lights. I have the light zone maxed out, sensitivity on people only due to rain and headlights. Anyone else experience this?

Hi @Boricua3205. Have you tried to disable the People Only Mode to see if that improves the motion detection for you? People Only Mode works great for some neighbors but others have found more success with turning it off. After disabling it, you may need to then adjust the sensitivity to find what works best for you. :slight_smile:

I have played with the sensitivity settings and People Only, different configurations. I have to set to People Only after dark because it is affected by headlights just as the doorbell is. Wish there was a setting where you could set a group of devices to People Only by using just one setting instead of having to go into each device separately to set.