I have a floodlight above my garage door, a spotlight by my front door and the doorbell. The last two days the notifications have been going crazy, almost every minute, primarily from the floodlight and the doorbell sensing motion. I looked at several videos and didn’t see anything. Then I began to see a pattern. It’s been windy the past couple of days. The floodlight is picking up motion from the tree branches in the wind. The doorbell is picking up motion from ferns in a pot moving that is in its view. I have Motion Verification enabled. I have had to move the floodlight and doorbell to the low/light settings to try to reduce the false-positive notifications. And to be honest, I’m not really comfortable about having those settings on low. I can move the fern, that’s not a problem. I guess at this point I will have to move all motion settings to low on windy days to avoid battery drain.