Floodlight Solar - where is the battery status setting?

With all my Ring products, I am able to get the battery status under “General Settings.” I found it yesterday and now have clicked around for over 15 minutes and can’t find it again. This is a smart device so it should be intuitive and not a puzzle.

I also installed the Floodlight Solar in the dark and plugged in the solar panel but last night the battery indicator page did not register that the device was plugged into a solar panel. It is now morning and I would love to find the battery status setting and be able to see what percentage the battery is at and if the solar panel is charging/working.

Posting in hopes of Ring taking my feedback and making improvements and in case someone else is searching the internet for this answer. :wink:

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The battery level is in the Device Health section. You can also tap on the battery icon in the upper-right to jump to the Device Health section. This particular device doesn’t indicate whether or not a solar panel is connected, but you should see the battery level increase throughout the day as it charges.


Really? No indicator for the solar panel? Ring needs to fix that!

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I do not see any Device Health setting in settings for my Ring Floodlight Solar; no battery icon either, all connected to Panel correctly.