Floodlight scheduling options missing from the app

The floodlight scheduling option is missing in my iOS application. Just not there after last update. No way to schedule floodlights on/off. Lights go on/off at random and no way to schedule. Was advised to delete and reload app. Did that several times. Did not work. I escalated this problem all the way to “Scott” who says he helped write the latest code. The problem is now two weeks old and Scott is unresponsive. Have not heard from him. I have floodlight cams installed at my rental property near Temple University. The neighborhood is high crime. I am toggling the lights on manually in the app at dusk but they turn off randomly. Tenants are complaining. With no lights i am violating my obligations under my lease. THIS IS ENDANGERING MY TENANTS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I NEED AN IMMEDIATE REMEDY!!

To add… keep in mind these devices have worked conveniently and flawlessly for 5 years. Ring has solved problems immediately in the past. Now we have a software problem that cannot be solved, people who dont respond and a customer service staff full of techs with accents so bad they simply cannot even be understood! What is going on at ring???

Hi @HEK3. I understand you’ve been working with our support team, however, I have one troubleshooting step you can try. Try going to the settings on you iPhone > Accessibility > Zoom, then try decreasing the Zoom to the default size. I know this isn’t a solution, but it is a workaround that might work for your dire situation. Sometimes, if the zoom on your iPhone is set to maximum, certain features are not able to be seen. This could be what is happening with your iPhone. If this doesn’t work, I would follow up with the support agent your were working with previously. I hope this works for you!