Floodlight must be close to activate lights

I’ve turn my flood light to the maximum distance and increase the sensitivity of the camera. I have no issues with the camera activating and catching everything that drives down the street. My issues is you have to walk all the way up to about 5-10 feet of the garage for the motion lights to turn on. If someone wanted to break into a vehicle at the end of the driveway they wouldn’t turn on. It’s only a 2 car lengths long. The camera is mounted about 15ft high. Is my light zone defective?

Hi @Drewjohn! Maximizing your motion settings was a great first step to take. As you mentioned your Floodlight Cam is mounted at 15 feet, it is possible this height is retracting from the coverage distance.

Check out our Floodlight Cam help center article which recommends mounting at 9 feet. While mounting higher than 9 feet is acceptable, and might be necessary depending on environment, motion range will vary with this positioning. The above article also provides visual, in case you wanted to reposition your Floodlight Camera. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: