Floodlight lights won’t turn off

I am unable to get the lights to stay off. The switch back on even though there is no movement in the zone (no wind or anything else). I manually turn them off but they immediately turn back on.

I have powered them off (they are on a power switch) to see if a reset will help, but it did not.

Please advise what else I can do.

Hi there, @WestHills! This is odd to hear of, as the lights should turn off at some point after being triggered by motion. While it shouldn’t necessarily cause constant lighting, I recommend checking the area of your Floodlight Cam for any heat exhaust vents or HVAC units that might be triggering the lights frequently. Please also ensure the Floodlight Camera is online by attempting a live view. If the Camera is offline, or has a poor signal strength (RSSI), it might be causing the lights to default to on while it attempts to reconnect.

If you have multiple Ring devices, please check for any linked devices in the Ring app, that might be triggering these Floodlight Camera lights. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: