Floodlight light won’t turn off

Is there a bug with the light on the Floodlight? The light normally comes on when motion is detected. However, it just stays on now, and we have to manually turn it off via the app. This never was the case. Is there a bug in the Floodlight or app? Is s anyone else having this issue? Thanks.

I’m having the same issue with my floodlight cam. This was never an issue before. At night when it is triggered, the light does not turn off automatically and we have to manually turn it off via the app. I’m curious to know how to fix this.

Hi there, neighbors! The Floodlight Camera lights should turn off after a certain period time, whether triggered manually from the Ring app or due to motion. The best first step will be to visit the Device Settings section for your Floodlight Camera and check your light settings. There you can ensure the lights are set to turn on with motion and for how long they will stay on for. I recommend also checking for any linked device in the Ring app that might be triggering lights. If the lights will still not turn off, try power cycling the Camera by switching power off, then back on after a few moments. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: