Floodlight camera internet upload speed

I am given to understand that my floodlight cameras (two) require a minimum of 2Mb internet upload speed. This is fine at the moment as I have a fast fibre connection.
Unfortunately, I am considering leaving my supplier, Virgin Media, because of poor customer support and moving to an ADSL supplier, as there are no other fibre suppliers in my locality.
I understand that the best upload speed I could get from any of them is 1Mb which, I assume, would be inadequate for my Ring cameras.
One possible option which crossed my mind would be if I could somehow wire directly into the cameras to make my own recordings and avoid the need for an internet connection.
Does anyone know whether this might be feasible and, if so, how best I should go about it?

Hi @JBR. In order for the Floodlight Camera to operate, it requires only a 1Mbps upload speed. For optimal performance, 2Mbps is preferred. They are only able to connect via wifi and there is not an option to wire your Floodlight Camera direct. Glad to help you get this sorted.

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Thanks for your help, Tom.

If only 1Mb is acceptable, that’s very encouraging.
It had occurred to me that not all Ring users would have fast fibre connections.

When you say, ‘optimal performance’ (with 2Mb) how would ‘sub-optimal’ performance differ from what I’m getting now?
Sorry for this additional question.

Hi @JBR. No need to be sorry, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. With 1Mbps you might experience moments where your video quality is recording at 720p instead of 1080p. 720p is still a very good image quality, but 1080p is the optimal performance of the Floodlight Cam. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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Tom, thank you for setting my mind at rest.

720p, as opposed to 1080p, sounds perfectly adequate.

On that basis, when the time comes to leave Virgin Media and (of necessity) move to a slower internet supplier, I shall be happy to settle for the slightly lower image quality.

Incidentally, I shall need to renew my Ring membership on 14 September, so shall make sure I do it before that date.

Thanks again for your help, and it is good to know where to come in future for quick and very helpful assistance.

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Hi @JBR. Glad to have answered your questions.