Floodlight camera activation delays

Hello, I live in the netherlands. I have five ring floodlight cams installed. I have a problem that is getting worse in the past month or so. When I click on the camera I get a blue turning circle with a message “activating device”. Sometimes it activates immediately, but more often it can take around 20 seconds, and also quite often it just continues and never contacts the cameras. This problem is present with all of the cameras. It also happens when there has not been a triggering event immediately before trying live view. I have checked the Internet speed and RSSI. At this moment the camera above my garage refuses to activate at all. When I check the camera health it says it’s fine. RSSI = 56. Download speed is 47Mbps, upload 162 and the ping is 19 ms. Yet if I now go to live view all I see is the blue circle and the text “activating device”. Sometimes it works well immediately. Just now I closed the camera off, clicked on the thumbnail on the dashboard page, and got an image within seconds. I repeated this and now it’s just saying “activating device” after 2 minutes. If an event is triggered, I want to see the images at once: waiting for minutes (or for ever) is very frustrating. Any advice?

Hi @NTMJ. For Live View concerns, I would recommend checking out our Community Post on this topic here. It will have lots of troubleshooting tips and tricks for when Live View is not activating. Give those a try, and also make sure both the Ring App and your phone’s OS are fully updated. Ensure that any VPNs you may have are disabled, and try accessing the Live View on both wifi and mobile data to narrow down what the cause for these delays may be.