Floodlight camera act as an outdoor sensor

When I bought ring I was puzzled that I coudn’t find an outdoor sensor, but then I found floodlight cameras, and by the description I thought they would replace the outdoor sensors, they seemed to be a sensor with people detection feature and zone configuration, a step up in evolution.

But know that I have bought two cameras I found that I cannot configure them to automatically fire the alarm, not even its own siren, as the usual indoor sensors do. I can only manage to get alerts to my phone, but many times when I am away from home I don’t have signal, so this is useless.

I don’t want to record the intruder, I want to fire the alarm, and it seems that this is not possible.

Are there any plans to include this feature?

Hi @ignaciotex. At this time, there is not a feature that will trigger the Ring Alarm when one of your Cameras detect motion. The feature we do currently offer is called Linked Devices. This allows your cameras to link together and record simultaneously during an alarming event. Be sure to keep an eye out for new announcements!