Floodlight Cam Wiring - confused ?? Don't be, read this !

Following a call to Ring Tech Support, trawling the Internet and watching various “…how to…” videos on youtube, I was really apprehensive about wiring up my floodlight cam considering how the wiring looked compared to the Ring installation document.

To the extent, I returned my first one because I was so doubtful to the wiring. As I had photo’s the serial # of the first cam and new there was no such thing as a coincidence.

Rest assured, the Live wire (Brown in UK) needs to be fitted in the area of the connector block labelled “L” (connected to the very fine black wire) and Neutral wire (Blue in UK) needs to be installed in the area of the connector block labelled " N" (with the white and blue wire).

Don’t be put off by the differing wire thicknesses of the ring camera going into the connector block. I have since learnt this is typical American wiring

(Black = Live & White = Neutral).

I hope this helps. I wanted to read a blog like this over the last few weeks and so now I wish to share my experience. ATB.