Floodlight Cam Wired Pro motion sensor seems very poor

I have a newly installed Floodlight Cam Wired Pro device that that is almost impossible to get to turn on the floodlights in response to motion.

It’s mounted 9 ft above ground level. The three motion zones are all on. The distance is set to max. The motion zone(s) is/are adjusted to cover much of the view. The motion sensitivity is set to max.

Initially I had the camera facing on downward a fair bit, to maximize the ground area covered and minimize unnecessary sky, and the floodlights would only trigger when I was within a meter or two in front, though they did trigger from farther away on the sides.

Then I read on this forum about how the PIR sensor is mounted at the same angle as the camera, unlike some other Ring floodlight models, so you have to point the camera somewhat higher to get the sensor to have meaningful range (note: this is a serious design flaw). But when I angled up the camera a bit, albeit still angled somewhat downward, now it’s almost impossible to trigger the floodlights at all, even up close or from the sides.

I’m baffled. Any suggestions for troubleshooting this? I think I may end up having to return this product.

I thought I might get help here, especially from a Ring staffer, it seemed like the forum was actively monitored. If anyone sees this and there are better avenues for getting help to troubleshoot, please do let me know. Thanks!

Not having the device myself, if there’s a Frequency setting you might try setting it to the max.

I don’t think there’s a frequency setting.