Floodlight Cam Wired Plus Crashing WiFi

I’ve been having a nightmare over the last 2 weeks with my network and I have finally identified the issue as the Floodlight Cam. Initially i noticed 1 of my external ring devices light routine stopped working and I couldn’t get it working again by resetting and testing the electrics, i therefore returned it for another unit. At the same time MY Wifi has been dropping and my netowrk had been laggingfor about 10 seconds every 20 minutes, so I have ended up purchasing a new Linksys head node in my mesh network.

With the new camera I am still having problems, it’s now wired into a plug inside the house with a wifi RSSI score in the 50s to isolate any potential electrical or signal issues. What i have noticed when the cam is first switched on I can briefly turn the lights on and off manually but immediately after I try to watch the live stream the wifi on the node it is connected to drops for approximately 10 seconds and the unit becomes unresponsive for several minutes and no functionality can be accessed until it is reset, but the health check reports the unit reconnecting after about 3 minutes. The previous cam has worked fine for 9 months and my other Floodlight Cam (1st Gen) functions perfectly well.

I have looked into frequency steering and this can’t be disabled on Linksys Velop and this doesn’t explain how the unit intermittently brings down the whole network and previously worked fine. This is Highly frustrating can anyone offer any other potential solutions?