Floodlight Cam Wired Plus "CAN NOT" be used horizontal yet info is ambiguous

After looking online and seeing so much info on the Floodlight cams mounting horizontally I picked up one and attempted to mount it on my soffit. It can not be done in an effective way. All the videos on doing this show an older version of the mounting with a jam nut at the base of each light allowing you to rotate 360 degrees. The one I have, I assume the Amazon version, has no jam nut and has a limiting stop in the rotation.
I wish Ring would put a notice on the box stating explicitly that it can not be mounted horizontally. Better yet, make one that can be mounted horizontally like the majority of floodlights on homes.

I had to open mine, release the screws holding the light stems, rotate them one turn and reattach. It worked but yeah, the current version can NOT be mounted horizontally as delivered. One wonders if they ever QC’d this update…

Hi there, neighbors! Thank you for this feedback. Check out this Community post about the light shroud positioning. @MarkD1, thank you for sharing your solution for adjusting these to your liking. If you did not want to alter these, they would also be fine the way they are, with the light shroud underneath. This should not impact illumination of the area, as the arms can still be adjusted.