floodlight cam still poor wifi even with Chime pro

Morning Guys, Having a nightmare with the floodlight cam… Chime pro is reading -49 which I think is pretty good. However, the floodlight is -71. I cannot move the router, and the chime pro is plugged in as near to the floodlight as possible (on the same internal wall as floodlight) Starting to lose faith in it now, as it stands it’s just a very expensive floodlight…

Any help would be much appriciated - I’ve run out of ideas…

Hi @Simon1. Sometimes doing a reboot of your router/modem can help you out with this concern instantly! For this, unplug the power from your router, and then wait a couple minutes. Once it’s down completely, restore power and give all the devices a few moments to reconnect. This will help refresh the connection in your home to your devices, and possibly decrease the RSSI. If you still seem to have troubles with a high RSSI, please give our support team a call here. They can troubleshoot with you live with your devices to find a solution that works best for you!

Hi Chelsea, thank you for your reply. Yes I already re booted the router, it actually made the Rssi worse in the floodlight… one thing I have noticed: both the chime pro and floodlight cam are connected to my WiFi. When I go in to settings, it gives me an option to join chime pro network. Says something like my signal might be better? Like I say, both are already connected to my home WiFi, and both devices are linked to one another?

Hi Chelsea, this is what I’m on about…

@Simon1 This is an awesome find and something you will definitely need to do! I recommend getting that Floodlight Cam connected to your Chime Pro network as soon as you can, as that should decrease the RSSI. If you look into the device health for the Floodlight Cam and the network name is not Chime Pro Network, but your home wifi, this is definitely why the RSSI is in the low 70’s for you. When connecting it to the Chime Pro Network, it should prompt you to press the setup button on the top of the Floodlight Cam, just so you’re aware! But once it’s connected to that, please let me know what the new RSSI is. Additionally, if you have any bumps in the road getting it connected to the Chime Pro Network, just reach out to our support team for further guidance!

I am having a similar issue and found this thread. My Floodlight cam shows poor connection whether connected to the Chime Pro or directly to my router. The Chime Pro indicates an RSSI of 34 to the router. The Floodlight indicated an RSSI of around 75 when connected to the Chime Pro, but actually improved slightly to around 69 when connected dircetly to the router. I reboot my router fairly regulary as a matter of maintenance and it makes no change in the Floodlight connection.

For reference, my the Chime Pro is located approximately halfway between the Floodlight and my router for a total disatance of no more than 60-65 feet. One exterior and one interior wall between Floodlight and Chime with no additional walls between Chime and Router

Hi there! It made a massive difference connecting to the chime pro network, and not just connecting direct to the router. See the pic I posted up to Chelsea. Also try moving the chime pro further away from your router and closer to the floodlight.

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