Floodlight cam snapshot not working and very buggy

Anyone else having issues with the snapshot function?

I have two floodlight cams for which the snapshot function seemed to work when the frozen firmware was addressed in early January. It seemed to work at first, but I just noticed last night that it has not worked for at least over a week. It may have been longer, but I wasn’t really paying that much attention. These products are so buggy, and you don’t notice a problem until it’s too late and you really need them to work…

The issues are so bizarre.

For example, per Ring, the snapshots are supposed to be available for 7 days, but they seem to be dropping off quicker. Last night, the timeline was non-existent going back to Wednesday, which was only 6 days prior last night. Starting last Thursday on the timeline, the timeline just freezes and shows the “footage is unavailable” message for the entire weekend (except for live views and motion). Then when I try to advance, it just jumps to this Monday (two days ago), then just the timeline just shows “Loading” or “footage is unavailable.”

On one of my floodlight cams, the timeline is in this endless loop around two videos. I can’t view them, move the timeline before these videos or after these two videos. I can move the calendar day to just get to see “Loading” or “footage is unavailable.”

I have reinstalled the app this morning, but all the glitches persist. I power-cycled last night. It seemed start working around 5 AM this morning. But we’ll see if it flakes out again…